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Hi Silky Smooth Family & Friends!!

Simply the Best...We Chicagoans miss the hell outta you all...The best group in the USA Johnnie Steele in the House,  Joanne Cain

You'll blessed me at my Party.  I felt like every song was a love song just for me.  You'll sang all of my favorite songs!!  At one point I thought Anita Baker had crashed my party.  Shekinah sorry for throwing my napkin and shoe at you!!  You'll helped me to have THE BEST PARTY EVER!!  May God bless you'll tremendously and enlarge your territory so much that you'll will have to turn people down because you'll are so booked!  I love you to life......Vanesha Prince

I just wanted to follow-up with you from Saturday to let you know again that our guests had a wonderful time because of your Band.  You all were awesome!!!  I loved the spirit that came through and the talent is phenomenal.  Thanks again for helping to create a once in a lifetime moment for my family.....Deborarh Martin

I would like to give a special thank you to the Phenomenal Johnnie Steele* The Greatest One Man Band Show ever!!

Hi Johnnie, this is Beverly and Michael who enjoyed your band at the Carlyle Club last weekend.  We are the couple who requested that your daughter sing "I Believe in You and Me".  We love how she sings it and would enjoy the opportunity to have her record it under professional circumstances.  Irrespective of other uses, our main desire is to have the song for our personal enjoyment.  We shall cover all expenses. Sincerely, Beverly J. Burke and Michael B. Maness

For those of you that were at Silky Smooth 3rd Annual Valentine Sweetheart Party you can attest that Johnnie Steele is truly one in a Million. His electrifying energy and high spirit places him in the forefront of many talented artists. I can't began to tell you how inviting the calls, emails and the strong compliments are. Because of his excellent performance, we have ask Johnnie to be apart of Silky Smooth 3rd Annual Jazz Festival on August 6th at Bull Run Park. So family mark your calendar for another grand performance by the Phenomenal Johnnie Steele and other extraordinary artists.  Sandra, Silky Smooth Dance Studio, LLC, 13678 Jefferson Davis Higway, Woodbrige, VA 22191

Good morning Johnnie, On Saturday, September 18th, I hosted a Volunteer Appreciation at the Camelot for 400 of our volunteers.  My team and I clocked many, many man hours into the planning and preparation with the goal of appreciating our dedicated and hard working volunteers with a “WOW” experience.  You took us to that level and more and I can't even begin to "thank you" for a wonderful experience.  Our volunteers are still talking and I know there will be future business generated for you from those in attendance. You are such a professional and gifted musician and I know you hear it all the time but you were "fantastic".  Thank you so much for taking our event to another level! With sincere gratitude, Barbara

Johnnie Steele is by far one of the best that has ever done it!  I have used him personally and professionally in my event planning business and I have not had a single client that hasn’t been satisfied with his performance.  His exceptional ability to engage the crowd no matter what type of event is impressive to say the least, not to mention his vocal and sheer musical talent that makes his one-man show unparalleled to any other in this area.  Additionally, as a person in the business of making special events spectacular, Johnnie’s professionalism is not something that I take for granted.  He is always on time or early and has his entire set-up ready to go before the start of the event.  Any accompaniment that he brings only enhances his already stellar performance.  If you want live entertainment that will keep your party going, or if you want soothing sultry sounds for a summer evening affair, Johnnie Steele is the answer for all of your entertainment needs.  ~Fawne Lindsey, Owner of RSVP with Fawne

Happy New Year ! (2012) We are still on the dance floor.  Thank you for the wonderful entertainment.  Linda Grimes, Congress Heights Senior Wellness Center

Johnnie Steele took what was already a special event and raised it to a whole new level.  Imagine overlooking a pristine golf course on a warm and sunny fall afternoon with the sun setting and beautiful music in the background.  That was our wedding day October 3 and Johnnie's music made it that much more special.  His music during the wedding and the cocktail hour were wonderful but he was also the hit of the reception.  His magnificent vocals, soothing dinner music and after dinner his amazing party atmosphere extended not only to his vocals but also his DJ skills including all line dance music, "turned the reception out".  Even the staff of the facility (bartender, wait staff and everyone else) wanted to know who he was.  His level of entertainment and professionalism are amazing.  He adds a certain charm and personal touch to your affair.  
 Louis and LaVora Washington

What else can I say except that Johnnie Steele is the real deal.  His show was much more than I expected!  I was extremely impressed!  So professional!!  Steele’s shows are ENTERTAINING AND HOT!   Such a great following as well.  We only pray that STEELE stays on the Porch FOREVER!!  But of course I know he’ll go far beyond where he is right now.  Steele, this is your year!!!  Stay Focused!  Love you Steele!!! Patrice Reynolds, Restaurant Owner, Solomons Porch Diner, Upper Marlboro, MD  20774

I'll admit, when I initially heard about Johnnie's show I was a little skeptical...not because of his musical ability (he can 'flat out' jam), but because I'd never seen a successful show of that nature.  Boy was I WRONG....Johnnie's show blew me away!!!  Once you were up, he almost wouldn't let you sit back down...from the 70's to the present , jazz to blues, R&B to soul, Hip-Hop to insprirational...Johnnie does it all...and superbly too!!! A definite must see...satifaction guaranteed!!   D. Kemp, Musician  

Johnnie Steele is a musical genius.  From his One-Man Band to his outstanding gospel performances,  no one, and I do mean NO ONE can make music come alive like Johnnie Steele!  I highly recommend Johnnie Steele.  Willie Jolley, Award winning Speaker, Singer, Author

I consider myself one of the chosen few who has had the pleasure of seeing Johnnie perform in various venues.  I saw him play and direct a church choir at a MLK Jr. celebration program.  Later he became choir director for my gospel choir and we have never been the same!  Johnnie has added so much to our music ministry and has instilled a new excitement in our congregation.  Needless to say the versatility, talent and charm are real.  If you ever get the chance to book him for an event or witness his live performance, you will see just what I mean.  G. McCottry

WOW!! is the only word that I can come up with to describe my brother's music and talent.  I am not saying that just because he is my brother, but he is definitely one the most talented, gifted, and passionate musicians I have ever come across.  If you ever experience his "One-Man show, you will never ever-ever forget it. Johnnie not only loves to play the piano, but he loves to make others smile while playing.  His smile alone will make you smile.  I encourage you to experience his gift from GOD for yourself.  I am so honored to say that he is a part of my FAMILY.   A. Hamilton, Vocalist

What can I say about the greatest musician I've ever worked with.  Johnnie has the ability to dazzle the young & the old alike.  After hearing his rendition of a song, it's hard to go back and listen to the original without being disappointed or a little thrown off...he is that great.  His gospel and jazz songs are off the hook too!!  In short, his music is an unforgettable experience.  
Jeanette Harris, Recording Artist

Johnnie and his One-Man Band & Show, what can I say, he's simply awesome!!  Every time I've heard him perform I have left feeling very happy and delighted that I came, always a good time.   M. Carter

Johnnie has all it takes!  He's a One-man show playing keyboard and singing a multitude of songs in any genre.  You will not be disappointed seeing this man perform and if you haven't seen him you don't know what you're missing!!    L. Boyd, Vocalist

Hi Johnnie, hope all is well.  I plan to come to your Crofton event.  I was writing to let you know that our group (Jack & Jill) has finally decided on a date for our fundraising event.  It will be held Fri, May 2,  at Camelot in Upper Marlboro. Everyone insists on having you return this year because we had such a good time.  Remember we had you at the Mardi Gras Carnival Monte Carlo Night at the University of Maryland.  M. Holmes

Good Evening, my name is Amanda Daugherty, I am the new Lifestyle Director here at Victoria Falls Resort Club.  Our residents loved you so much they would like to bring you back for another event.  They are looking into two different dates.   Please confirm if you are available.  You were such a hit, they really want to have you back!

My name is Gwen Lewis and we briefly spoke at my church's event at Camelot on last Saturday.  I received your voicemail stating that you would be available to play for my parent's event on October 23, at the Atrium at TreeTops located at 8181 Professional Place, Suite 200 Hyattsville, MD 20783.  I was thrilled to hear of your availability and, know, that you will "WOW" the crowd.  The time for the party is slated for  6:00pm-Midnight and, we would love for you to bring your singer/congo player.  The music that you performed at Zion's event is a must have along with anything else you feel led to sing or play.  The Electric Slide tribute to Michael is a must (smile). The crowd ages will range from early 40's to mid 70's with a few youngest mixed in between. So, music from any genre and years will be acceptable.  Thank you so much.

Wanna Dance

Johnnie Steele and the Steele4Real Band & Show